Dear Africa and Diaspora Bloggers What if you could grow your dream work from anywhere business utilizing the power of blogging?

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+ Imagine getting 1000's of targeted website viewers to your blog in the next 30-90 days utilizing easy, free ever-green content strategies (no ads, no complicated technology).

+ Imagine receiving daily emails from your audience about how your content has helped transform their lives and how they want to work with you.

+ Imagine creating a profitable business that funds your ability to work from anywhere and create the global online business you've always wanted.

+ Imagine creating content and seeing dozens of notifications from your audience engaging with it.

MY UNIQUE GAB-LC METHOD COVERS EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ORDER TO CREATE AND BUILD A PROFITABLE WORK FROM ANYWHERE BUSINESS AND FAST! Without needing any expensive, complicated technology or paid advertisement we only teach simple to understand tried & proven evergreen content strategies.

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"I loved working with Keesh she was very understanding for a nontechie person. She was able to help me streamline my business. I was able to increase my order intake with the website and systems she helped me create. I was shocked when I received 12 orders in one day while away from home. I HIGHLY recommend working with her Keesh was AMAZING"!! - Courtney - Owner of CP Smokehouse

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Does This Sound Familiar?

+ You've started your blog but you have not seen any views or engagement with your content and you feel like your business is growing slowly.

+ You've tried starting your online business but feel really confused by the advice that you're getting from Google and Youtube and need someone to help you through the implementation process.

+ You have a great business idea however you're confused about what steps to take in order to create your dream work-from-anywhere business and need a
(no fluff) step-by-step proven system to get there.

+ You have an online business idea that your needing to launch quickly however, looking for a clear, concise, no-fluff method to get there.


(limited spots available)

When you implement my proven method you go from this 😥

- Being lost and confused.
- Not reaching your income goals.

- Feeling financially unprepared.
- Stuck to making money locally.
- Spending 2-3 years putting all the
information together on your own.
- Seeing Your email list grow slowly.

- Getting small traffic results.


 - Feel confident and abundant.
- Create your dream 6-figure biz.
- Feeling financially prepared.
- Positioned to do business globally.
- Eliminate 2-3 years of confusion by
knowing exactly what to do.

- Growing your email list quickly.
- Getting 1000's of niche related
website viewers a month

Hey, I'm Keesh! CEO at, Blogger, Author, course creator/coach 164+ students and counting. A girl crazy about Africa, entrepreneurship, blogging and coffee.

I have an insane passion for helping Africa and the African community build 6-figure purpose-driven work from anywhere businesses they are crazy about utilizing a commodity they own THEIR WEBSITES. I help my customers, clients, and tribe members get brand clarity, website traffic & sales results quickly utilizing my unique GAB-LC method.

What you will learn in the course: Sneak Peak Inside The Modules

Module One: Designing Your 6-Figure Work From Anywhere Business ✈

Imagine having a business that fuels you with a daily boost of inspiration, energy and passion. Imagine working with your perfect customers and clients and them being more than happy to buy from you. Well in this module I'll be covering how to accomplish all of this and more we dive deep into your ultimate desires in order to create the perfect lifestyle business you've always wanted.

Module Two: The Expert Blueprint + Rapidly Growing Your Audience✨

Creating a profitable business is sooo much fun! But it becomes even more exciting once you're able to position yourself as the go-to expert within your niche. There is an art and a science to rapidly growing your audience, website traffic, and product sales and I can tell you it has nothing to do with most blogging advice. In this module, I'll be covering the #1 strategy you'll need to know in order to create the perfect expert blueprint to becoming the go-to expert within your niche & rapidly growing your audience.

Module Three: Setting Your Blog Up To Profit The Fun Way🥇

Creating amazing content without having a strategy to turn website viewers, into email subscribers and product sales can cost you thousands of dollars and that's not fun! So in this module, I'll be sharing with you my bulletproof strategies for setting your blog up to profit which includes my unique list-building techniques, website tools, and copyrighting tips to help you capture more email subscribers and product sales.

Module Four: Creating Your 6-Figure Offer + Launching Like a Boss 💰

So contrary to what you may have heard, you don't need to be a guru to start making great money with your blog. You also don't need a large email list or 100,000 monthly website viewers ext. In fact, you can make money with your blog with 500 monthly website viewers or less! In this module, I'll be sharing everything you need to know from A-Z to create your 6-figure offer whether you're wanting to sell coaching, courses, or services, and you'll learn how to launch your offer like a boss!

Module Five: Content That Drives Massive Traffic & Product Sales 📈

When it comes to creating a 6-figure work from anywhere business content IS KEY AND CONTENT IS KING! In particularly free evergreen content. So as cool as paid advertisement can be, the truth is when the ad stops you stop making money from that content. However, with free ever green content you have the ability to consistently drive traffic, grow your email list and make sales on autopilot without ever having to touch it again. In this module, we'll be discussing how to utilize Google SEO, Pinterest/Tailwind, YouTube, Podcasting & email marketing content strategies. You'll learn how to get started with each and how to drive targeted traffic right away (utilizing no paid ads, complicated technology I only teach free evergreen content strategies).

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Ready to take away all the confusion on how to quickly grow your blog traffic, email list and sales and build your dream work from anywhere business utilizing blogging look no further than The Called To Blog Family (limited spots available).

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You will receive all content instantly after signing up, but you have lifetime access and can go through the course whenever you’d like.

No risk, no worries

Due to the digital and coaching nature of the program, there is a 7-day refund policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What if I'm New to starting my online business will this course work for me? Yes! This course will help you grow your website traffic, email list, and online sales whether you are a beginner, intermediate business owner, or expert level.

+ Will the price of the course ever change? Yes, the course pricing is subject to change. Be sure to save your spot for the current pricing.

+ How long will I have access to this course? For a lifetime, even if the course is updated or the price of the course changes you will have access to any new course updates without paying anything extra.(aside from the one-on-one coaching time frames).

+ Will I need to spend money on ads? No, we only teach free evergreen content strategies.

+ Are there any refunds or guarantees? Yes, due to the digital and coaching nature of the program, there is a 7-day refund policy.

+ Will this course work if I have a physical product? Yes! As part of the course, we discuss how to drive traffic to your website and grow your email list which you will need no matter what type of product you have. However, when it comes to module 4 which is all about creating your 6-figure framework, we discuss, coaching, course creation, and services. We don't teach physical products.

+ What format is the course delivered in?
The course is in Video format with worksheets and checklists for each module.

+ Can I access the course with a mobile device? Yes, this course is compatible with all digital devices cell phones, tablets ext.

+ Are there any refunds or guarantees? Yes! Though I know you're going to love the course coaching program due to the digital and coaching nature of the program there is a 7-day refund policy.